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    At Corporate Purpose we enable our clients to discover their best business purpose, strategy and leadership.

    We provide workshop facilitation, leadership coaching and advisory services to great organisations.
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    Corporate At Corporate Purpose we enable our clients to rethink their business purpose, strategy and leadership in the post-COVID world. We work with both entrepreneurial growth companies and established businesses to create better shareholder returns and more satisfying work environments.
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    We provide workshop facilitation, leadership coaching and strategy advice.  We assist our clients find their purpose, align around strategic plans, improve your culture and enhance leadership.  

    Our outstanding team has years of experience helping clients go to the next level.  Call us for an introductory discussion. 

    Purpose, Vision & Values

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    David Keir

    Our Founder

    I have built companies from the ground up and faced daunting obstacles to growth, but persisted to success. Finding our business purpose and implenting great systems and strategies were core to our success in building significant buisnesses. 


    I’ve also worked with numerous clients to help them build business cases, define their purpose, vision and values – and from their build towards success.  I am passionate about working with great teams to identify key issues, build alignment and achieve amazing outcomes.  



    We will work with you to reaffirm your personal and business goals and purpose, to become more effective and focused on what you do everyday, and to systemize and scale your company.


    I look forward to working with you and achieving more than what you may realize is possible.

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    Virtual Workshop Facilitation


    Virtual facilitation has become much more common with Covid restrictions keeping teams apart.  

    In our experience, virtual workshops are highly effective when properly prepared for and run.  We find having additinal powerful media, using breakout rooms and ensuring in advance that everyone is properly setup for participation are essential steps.


    Maintaining engagement is more important as virtual workshops do allow a degree of hiding by participants, and we have developed a number of techniques that are effective in keeping everyone involved and participating.  

    Clients achieve wonderful results from virtual workshops when properly planned and implemented.  There is even more of a demand and need for our virtual sessions at a time when teams need to re-learn how best to work with each other to achieve great outcomes.  

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    Well planned and run strategy meetings keep organizations on track. They allow leadership to make the right choices amongst available options...


    Setting out to discover and define your organization’s purpose, value and vision can be an intimidating prospect.


    The growth of online meetings, including workshops, has led many to ask about the role of professional facilitators in remote meetings.

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