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    About Corporate Purpose

    Our Background

    Corporate Purpose is a newly established consulting firm, founded by David Keir in 2020.


    In the emerging post COVID world our clients are repositioning their business models to take advantage of new business opportunities and let go of what no longer works. We help our clients re-define their purpose, vision and values that drive inspire and motivate team members, drive great strategies, delight customers and increase returns to shareholders.


    We work with business owners and teams with a combination of facilitated review and planning sessions (we like to go back to first principles), as well as strategic analysis and team alignment. Our consultants experience includes leadership; facilitation; strategy analysis and organisational psychology.


    Covid has forced much re-thinking, and revisiting core tenets and business models can be essential. For example, will franchisee partners still be incentivized or successful given post-Covid market evolution? How do we maintain our great business culture when so many of our team are now remote?


    We work with the broader team and stakeholders to identify what it is that really sets your business apart and how that creates a competitive edge in the market-place.


    Integrity, authenticity and working to improve stakeholder returns are central to our approach and who we are. In this respect building transparency, accountability and measurability into our client solutions aligns with our own core values and our clients best interest.

    What is Corporate Purpose?

    Corporate Purpose is the why of a company’s existence – why does the company exist and what is its unique contribution. Purpose is different to Vision (what we will become) and mission (how we’ll get there) and is the most fundamental of the corporate statements.

    The Purpose of a company does not necessarily need to have an environmental or social responsibility element, but it needs to be something that deeply reflects why the company actually exists and what problem it is helping to solve. While not all companies are seeking to change the world with their purpose, the positive effect of well managed values driven enterprises with highly motivated and satisfied team members working in a great environment is a contribution in and of itself.
    Companies with purpose tend to have greater shareholder returns and sales than their peers; attract and retain better staff and have more sticky and satisfied customers. A number of studies confirm that purpose driven organizations show better business performance in clear and measurable ways. An important caveat is that corporate purpose must not only be defined, but clearly communicated through the organization and made active on a credible and persistent basis for improved business performance to manifest.
    Purpose is not just for large listed companies. Entrepreneurial companies and privately held SMEs are seeing the benefit of adopting a clear corporate purpose as a point of differentiation, team loyalty and improved returns. Increasingly, investors are also looking for Purpose driven companies, and it can be an advantage in

    capital raising.

    Our Purpose

    To help our clients find their purpose and use best practices to improve, inspire and succeed.

    Our Vision

    For businesses to reach their full potential, in turn enhancing quality of outcome for team members, entrepreneurs, shareholders and customers.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to assist our clients develop and align their people, values and strategies with their purpose – delivering more authentic and rewarding work environments for team members; better products for customers; greater shareholder value; and more sustainable environmental outcomes..

    Our skilled advisors work with entrepreneurs, boards and teams to confirm business purpose and values; develop strategy, improve leadership, align key stakeholders and monitor performance.

    Our Values


    We act in accordance with our values, lead by example and deliver on what we say we will do.


    We dare to challenge ways of thinking and doing, back our values when under challenge and transparently communicate with our clients, colleagues and partners.


    We are committed to providing the best outcomes for our teams, customer and partners.


    Our empathy allows us to better understand our customers, colleagues and partners to reach more inclusive and effective decisions.


    We value our people above all else. Our teamwork powers outstanding service to our clients, the growth of the company, in turn attracting further opportunity..

    Contact us for assistance in reviewing your corporate purpose, vision, values and culture.

    Inquire about a complementary consultation

    Inquire about a complementary consultation

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