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    How we assist our clients succeed

    Foundation Statements

    Purpose, Vision and Values

    It starts with finding your Why, and using this to craft all that you do. Authentic and motivating statements define who you are, where you are going, and how you do things. When used to guide strategy, hiring and day-to-day decisions, the entire organisation becomes more aligned and focussed.  


    We work with leadership teams to ensure buy-in and commitment, and then assist monitor and review relevance over time to ensure they don’t become just empty slogans.



    Our experienced facilitators create productive and rewarding dialogues with your team.

    Strategic Planning


    Purpose driven strategic planning, from refining existing strategy to a broader re-set. Mapping strategic drivers, changed market conditions, opportunities and constraints. Linking these back to purpose and monitor balance scorecard going forward.

    New Products

    Facilitated sessions with your product team to arrive at the best decisions for product launch given the strategic environment.  

    China & International

    When to expand internationally, and what International expansion. For some companies, establishing an online sale presence through the right channels can add significant sales without the commitment of an offshore presence.


    Covid has presented unique challenges for franchise operators, and accelerated the gig economy. Leverage these trends while maintaining brand and franchisee profitability and purpose.

    Leadership & Culture


    We assist our clients assess the current leadership culture and its impact on the team, and to develop strategies for improved leadership approaches.  This can include team wide feedback and psychometric testing.  


    Our experience leadership coaches work directly with organisational leaders to coach and mentor.  


    Assess strengths and weaknesses, and re-focus on your new purpose and strategy. Stated company culture compared to actual (or shadow) culture. Determining real levels of buy in, suitability and leadership. Our experienced facilitators will bring the best out of your team and help create the momentum towards the new direction.

    Governance & External Stakeholders


    Assess Board culture and decision making using our survey tools.  We then consider the alignment of Board culture with broader company culture and the impact of any points of difference.   

    Stakeholder Relations

    Use your purpose and way of doing things to better align with suppliers, customers and other external stakeholders

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    Inquire about a complementary consultation

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