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    Workshop Facilitation



    We provide online and in-person workshop facilitation for business, not-for-profits and government to help teams achieve breakthrough outcomes, see new possibilities and achieve faster simpler results. Our professionals work with small teams through to large and distributed groups to create workshops that build engagement, gain breakthrough and clear unseen or legacy obstacles.


    Our aim is to improve the quality of collaboration and decision making, and to remove obstacles that may be blocking teams and organisations from reaching to their potential. As a purpose and values driven organisation, Corporate Purpose maintains the highest support for the best outcomes for every team and team member we work with. It’s what we are about.


    Our highly experienced team of facilitators provide best in class outcomes, using the most current online and in-person tools, platforms and methodologies.

    Our Approach

    We work with CEOs and functional leaders to understand organisational goals and collaboratively design our workshop engagements to meet their objectives.


    Our planning pre-work includes identifying issues and preparing for them through prior meetings with key stakeholders, team polls and other feedback tools. We conduct background research and through this design an informed and relevant workshop program in coordination with our clients.


    Our best practice facilitation tools and techniques, including highly seamless and visually appealing presentations, quickly build interest, engagement and cut through to the key issues.

    We place great emphasis on building trust and a strong team dynamic through transparent communications, identifying and resolving historical issues and feedback loops.

    Key pillars we build our highly collaborative approach on include:


    • Our deep experience in working with highly diverse teams and bringing them together under time pressure to produce great
    • Understanding how to convert workshop engagement and creative thinking to measurable outcomes that flow through to real
    • Our strong emphasis on listening as a core value to allow participants the space to communicate.
    • Our facilitators are highly empathetic with the EQ to read the room so as to navigate to a best outcome.
    • Frequently summarizing and clarifying to keep progress on track and understand broader context.
    • Importantly, we have the courage to challenge assumptions or orthodoxies, including from senior team members.
    • We promote and demonstrate transparency through our work.
    • Experienced at reading the signs of hidden obstacles, resistant participants or competing agendas, and work through these to
            resolve and build engagement.
    • The judgement as to when to take issues or behaviours offline.


    Corporate Purpose is a member of the International Association of Facilitators, and we adhere to its Code of Ethics. As a demonstration of our commitment to client satisfaction, we offer our clients a service guarantee.

    Workshop Facilitation Services

    • Online and in-person facilitated workshops for small teams
            through to large distributed groups.
    • Foundational statements (Purpose, Vision and Values), with
            broad buy-in through pre-discussions with selected team
            members; team polls and focus groups culminating in
            powerful workshop sessions with team members.
    • Strategic planning sessions – including annual offsites and
            quarterly reviews.
    • Linking purpose and values to strategies.
    • Team culture and alignment with purpose, values & strategy. 
    • Board strategy sessions. 
    • Board culture and alignment sessions.
    • Growth company teams building.
    • Project management – both at project outset and to re-charge
            existing projects.
    • New product planning.
    • New market entry – either geographical markets or new
            product markets.
    • Information sharing and dissemination sessions for broader
    • Staff development workshops.
    • Stakeholder consultation – including with a range of external
    • Business alliance and acquisition planning
    • Innovation, breakthrough-thinking and best practice-hack
    • Business systems and process improvement.
    • Change management
    • Organisational culture
    • Team building workshops and broader events.  

    Our Clients

    Corporate Purpose works with established corporates, growth companies, government departments and not-for-profit organisations on a range of projects. We work directly with Boards, senior management teams, project specific teams and special project teams.

    Why Choose Us

    Our highly-experienced team is values driven and outcomes focused.

    • Purpose and values driven. We are highly respectful of all participants and our clients’ objectives. 
    • Outcomes focussed. We have a relentless focus on our client’s objectives, and we are prepared to stand by our commitment to
            provide excellent professional service. 
    • Highly capable and proven team with deep facilitation experience across a range of organisational types and sectors.
    • Able to draw on our network to provide expert inputs in a broad array of areas.
    • Offer a range of tools and methodologies to ensure that the high achieved at the end of a successful workshop is carried over into
            concrete follow up actions.
    • We have a deeply collaborative work style.
    • We generate inspired outcomes.
    • Strong focus on transparency, better communication and clarifying motivations.
    • Our team is skilled at identifying, navigating and resolving the difficult issues.
    • We enjoy our work and like to ensure our clients do as well.
    • We offer our clients a service guarantee.

    Inquire about a complementary consultation

    Inquire about a complementary consultation

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